Kylie Jenner is “fed up” is Snapchat nearing its end?

Kylie Jenner is "fed up" is Snapchat nearing its end?

Snapchat: Only with a tweet of complaint, the star of American television Kylie Jenner managed to the Friday the shares of the company Evan Spiegel were to fall sharply, causing her to lose US$1,500 million. And it is not the only one unhappy with the application.

the best apps of 2017

the best apps of 2017

Apps: Reach the end of the year and the app stores published the list of the most downloaded. In them, and although not an exact match the preferences from theApple Store with Google Play, appear among the first positions the most used by users: Instagram, WhatsApp, Youtube, Snapchat or Clash Royale, but there are other applications that you have open step quickly and that have been outstanding during the year 2017 for various reasons.

WhatsApp does not work. The umpteenth fall of the year

WhatsAppp: The popular instant messaging service WhatsApp has returned to fall and and for some minutes does not work normally. Reports of users are rising as the foam and it is impossible to connect with their servers at this time. This makes that you can not send or receive messages or calls at the time of writing this news.

WhatsApp is updated in Windows 10, it opens along with your PC

WhatsApp: Although the majority of users use WhatsApp Web on your computer, what is true is that the instant messaging client has its version for Windows 10. And no, you do not receive as many updates as the apps of Android and iOS, but it meets its function. The last revision that has launched the company of Mark Zuckerberg, finally resolves a shortcoming that could take months: now, the client runs when you start up the computer, and no need to open the application manually every time that happens.