YouTube: when the review of videos causes you lose income

Youtube: Is that in your video today you have explained to the guys behind The Great War, a fantastic channel informative and dedicated in exclusivity to the First World War. Given that your theme is by default bloody and takes on sensitive issues, the ads are only displayed once the filter is enabled by YouTube.

Smile: your smile, pay for the food

Camera: There is a fast food restaurant in the chinese city of Hangzhou that serves its customers in the face. In a very literal way. Because the only thing they have to do so that they serve you the food at this KFC is staring into a camera that scans your face. It is the first establishment that accepts Smile to Pay -he smiles to pay for-, the last electronic payment system designed by Alipay, the main payment application online of China.

Hello, will be serving a robot without feelings or empathy

Technology: In the current times it is increasingly difficult to have a phone conversation with a person of flesh and bone. Almost every time that you need to talk with the bank, with the doctor or any other service, the more likely it is that you welcome a helper automated apparently designed to avoid talk to someone who actually works for the company. This state of things may get worse in short due to the generalization of the chatbots.