Kylie Jenner is “fed up” is Snapchat nearing its end?

Kylie Jenner is "fed up" is Snapchat nearing its end?

Snapchat: Only with a tweet of complaint, the star of American television Kylie Jenner managed to the Friday the shares of the company Evan Spiegel were to fall sharply, causing her to lose US$1,500 million. And it is not the only one unhappy with the application.

2017 technological closures laden with nostalgia

2017 technological closures laden with nostalgia

Technology: In 2017 has been shelved to a good string of technological products and services.Some of them were with us for over a decade. We have used, we have learned with them and, at the most, we have replaced them before the companies that lambed from dropping out.

Do you really need a computer?

Computer: The TV, the fridge, the microwave… in this list of must-haves in all homes was until very recently also the computer, first and foremost a desktop, but as laptops became cheaper were becoming the protagonists, also in the household. But no one discussed the necessity of having, at least, a computer at home. With the arrival of tablets and the continuing evolution of mobile, this configuration is clearly in question: do we really need a computer at home?