“The first to adopt new technologies tend to be criminals”

“The first to adopt new technologies tend to be criminals”

Technologies: Lucy Lawrence (Brownsville, 1972) is convinced that the time has come that the machines can learn to reason without supervision, and that humans are prepared to take the risks to allow this. This enterprising mexican/american, which triumphed in the e-commerce with the multi-million dollar sale of its store of luxury products, Ashford the giant eBay in 2001, it is now immersed in the use of artificial intelligence also for business. Lawrence grew up on the border between Matamoros and Brownsville, but for the last 27 years, it finally left to the United States to engage in technology. Their roots in Mexico is obliged to return several times a year.

WhatsApp does not work. The umpteenth fall of the year

WhatsAppp: The popular instant messaging service WhatsApp has returned to fall and and for some minutes does not work normally. Reports of users are rising as the foam and it is impossible to connect with their servers at this time. This makes that you can not send or receive messages or calls at the time of writing this news.

Failure that steals password in Windows 7, already patched in Windows 10

Windows: Earlier this month we picked up a piece of news quite disturbing: Microsoft is not patching some bugs in Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, yes you are patching in Windows 10. This means that hackers can know what are the bugs patched, and exploit the vulnerability in older operating systems that are still used, and that should also be up to date in terms of updates.