Cell Top impose Technology of Face Recognition

Cell Top impose Technology of Face Recognition

Face ID: from the time the phones left the edges chrome-plated for extending the margins of the screen, the sensor of fingerprints, which was hidden in the middle button, since you do not have where to stay. To unlock the computer, the better alternative profiled is the system of facial recognition and iris, which comes mounted on the front camera of the top models of today. And although this option is convenient and seems like a great invention, many experts highlight the weaknesses of converting the face into a password.

Failure that steals password in Windows 7, already patched in Windows 10

Windows: Earlier this month we picked up a piece of news quite disturbing: Microsoft is not patching some bugs in Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, yes you are patching in Windows 10. This means that hackers can know what are the bugs patched, and exploit the vulnerability in older operating systems that are still used, and that should also be up to date in terms of updates.

WhatsApp is updated in Windows 10, it opens along with your PC

WhatsApp: Although the majority of users use WhatsApp Web on your computer, what is true is that the instant messaging client has its version for Windows 10. And no, you do not receive as many updates as the apps of Android and iOS, but it meets its function. The last revision that has launched the company of Mark Zuckerberg, finally resolves a shortcoming that could take months: now, the client runs when you start up the computer, and no need to open the application manually every time that happens.

Assassin’s Creed Origins yields worse in PC for abuse of DRM

Games: Assassin’s Creed Origins is the latest installment of the popular series from Ubisoft, where the company has increased the time between each installment of the saga so as not to saturate and to be able to create games of higher quality narrative and technical.The latest installment, Syndicate (set in London) came out in 2015, and this new edition came out a few days ago, with a setting in Egypt.

WhatsApp: it will not be easy to delete the messages that you regret.

WhatsApp: A lack of spelling, the unintended recipient, messages at odd times which can reveal to when you are awake or that you’re available when you said that you wouldn’t be. Or even worse, sending a message that you regret or are ashamed of. There are many reasons for which to delete the messages that you send through WhatsApp can be useful.