Intel prepares its own graphics: AMD and NVIDIA no longer be alone

Intel prepares its own graphics: AMD and NVIDIA no longer be alone

Intel: NVIDIA and AMD are dealt from years ago, the market for dedicated graphics cards, one that Intel had not entered, limited to the development of processors with GPUs built much less powerful. That will change soon, because Intel is preparing the launch of its own dedicated graphics cards.

X-rays, new technology allows a mobile to detect items behind a corner

X-RAYS: How is this possible? There is a trick, and that is that it is based on an analysis of the shadows generated by an object. To analyze closely the shape, the tone and the movement of the shadows that appear on the side of a wall, you can determine what is behind it. Thanks to an algorithm able to understand these factors of the shades can be to detect an object and its movements just look in the corner of a wall.

Do you really need a computer?

Computer: The TV, the fridge, the microwave… in this list of must-haves in all homes was until very recently also the computer, first and foremost a desktop, but as laptops became cheaper were becoming the protagonists, also in the household. But no one discussed the necessity of having, at least, a computer at home. With the arrival of tablets and the continuing evolution of mobile, this configuration is clearly in question: do we really need a computer at home?