Cell Top impose Technology of Face Recognition

Cell Top impose Technology of Face Recognition

Face ID: from the time the phones left the edges chrome-plated for extending the margins of the screen, the sensor of fingerprints, which was hidden in the middle button, since you do not have where to stay. To unlock the computer, the better alternative profiled is the system of facial recognition and iris, which comes mounted on the front camera of the top models of today. And although this option is convenient and seems like a great invention, many experts highlight the weaknesses of converting the face into a password.

Perfect Photos? This technology is the improvement when you’ve done

Perfect Photos? This technology is the improvement when you've done

Photos: The recent arrival of the Pixel 2 XL Google has done nothing but stir more, if it is, the struggle in the world of photography among the mobile. It is already known that the bulk of the photos that are taken in the balloon are made from a smartphone and the terminal of the Mountain View he was presented with the highest award in the famous ranking DxOMark. Samsung stuck before with the Note 8 and its fabulous camera, but Apple was not far behind with their exceptional iPhone 8 Plus getting, to day of today, no one agrees in crown the king of the moving picture. But of course, we talk about mobile devices that meet or exceed comfortably a thousand euros and what about the rest?

X-rays, new technology allows a mobile to detect items behind a corner

X-RAYS: How is this possible? There is a trick, and that is that it is based on an analysis of the shadows generated by an object. To analyze closely the shape, the tone and the movement of the shadows that appear on the side of a wall, you can determine what is behind it. Thanks to an algorithm able to understand these factors of the shades can be to detect an object and its movements just look in the corner of a wall.