Tablets Amazon Kindle Fire on offer: from 30 euros!

Amazon throw the house through the window in the prior’s prime Day offer on tablets Kindle reconditioned with more than 50% less. Take advantage of the discounts!
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Approaching one of the most important events of the year as far as shopping is concerned: the Amazon Prime Daysomething more than a day of sales with all kinds of offers and products. From mobile technology, which is what matters most to you, to own services of Amazon, such as the read-unlimited-books or music. And this year the deals start strong: do you want a tablet Kindle Fire with more than half of the rebate?

Amazon has put on offer its tablets Kindle Fire with Android in its version refurbished. This means that they are tablets that have been used, but are as if they were new since they have been reviewed by Amazon. This is a point to bear in mind: the units are limited, so you have to be hurry before the stock runs out. And they are going to fly.

4 tablet Amazon Kindle Fire reconditioned with 35 and 50 euros of discount

Tablets Amazon Kindle Fire on offer: from 30 euros!
The offer is valid from today, July 3 until you start the Amazon Prime Day, which will be the 16th of July. It is a rebate only applicable to Amazon Spain, you must take this into account. It is about products to be reconditioned, with warranty from Amazon and tablet Kindle Fire, devices that include an adapted version of Android developed by the store.
Here we leave the direct links to the deals Amazon Kindle Fire to hit as soon as yours. As we said, are limited units that will last a short time: the price after the discount is very juicy.

The offer applies to the end of the payment process: just add the model you want to your basket and proceed in the same way they always have. When you go to pay you will see that the price is reduced in the amount stipulated: 35 or 50 euros, depending on if it is the model of 7-inch or 8.

More deals: 3 months free for Amazon Kindle Unlimited and 4 months of Amazon Music for 0,99 euros

Tablets Amazon Kindle Fire on offer: from 30 euros!
offers more remarkable for the previous Amazon Prime Day with two services that you can get on your mobile phone or tablet: reading and music unlimited AmazonThe first has three free months; with the second you will enjoy 4 months of music for 0,99 euros. In both cases the offer is only available if you had not mentioned to such services.

SOURCE: Las tablets de Amazon Kindle Fire en oferta: ¡desde 30 euros!

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