Apple will replace the iPhone X having problems with FaceID

An internal document is filtered in which problems are admitted in some terminals

An iPhone X in the Apple store in Chicago.
An iPhone X in the Apple store in Chicago.

Apple has taken a giant leap with the arrival of the iPhone X to the shunning of the release system of the terminal based on the fingerprint; the TouchID, so loved by the users of the device, had its days numbered. The bet was courageous since the signing of Cupertino entrusted all the security of the computer in a facial recognition system baptized as a FaceID that has worked to perfection for the bulk of users. However, a number are not certain of the buyers of the leading version of the iPhone would have reported problems at the time you unlock the device with your face. The manufacturer does not want the ball getting too large, and in their obsession to maintain high rates of satisfaction, it would have given instructions to their support centers to replace completely the iPhone X that will show this problem.

MacRumors has been made with an internal message directed to the area of support and authorized retailers through which we will mention the possible problems of FaceID and in case of detecting, what procedure to follow to fix it. Apple does not want to loose ends and is referred to in his statement to the «highest customer satisfaction» to carry out the repair that would be in two levels: in a first step, if when you run a diagnostic software internal is made aware of the problem, the repair service could try «replacing the rear camera«. But as we pointed out, in a brand so dependent of the image and the quality of their products, they want to make sure that the customer leaves the point of sale with the iPhone fully operational, and to do so, authorizes the «total replacement» of the team. That is to say, that if the first solution does not work, the user will take a new iPhone X.

What is the connection of rear camera with the system of facial identification located on the front of the computer? They have not transcended details, but according to the threads opened by users in the support forums and Reddit, the problem would be related and those who reported problems in FaceID, also the were in the rear camera. In particular, it would be failing in these defective equipment some of the functions of the main camera as the well-known ‘Portrait mode’ that you apply the bokeh effect in the foreground.

The firm has not made any kind of statement about it nor has it changed any of your support guides; the internal document would have been distributed during this weekend with the idea of instructing the support staff and the well-known as the Genius Bar to allow the total replacement of the terminal in the last instance. What to do if the camera of the iPhone X or your system of recognition gives problems?You must go to one of the authorized centers (or the own shops of the company) to carry out the relevant tests and, according to the leaked information, solve the problem by the replacement of the camera or the terminal.

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