Facebook wants to tackle harmful content with artificial intelligence

The social network explains how it detects and erases fake news, offensive or violent videos.

Displayed screen during the conference of Facebook in San Jose. Displayed screen during the conference of Facebook in San Jose.

Detectron, a name that seems to be a parody, it is the name of what Facebook considers to be its best weapon to curb the dissemination of false content, offensive, or violent. Mike Schroepfer, chief technical officer of the company in the social network, has opened the second day of the conference of the brand by reviewing the challenges for the next 10 years. “Artificial Intelligence is the cornerstone of everything we do. Each product is improved with this and help to make more secure our ecosystem. We have removed more than two million content of propaganda, most of which has never managed a human. With analysis of language, we are making progress to recognize the hatred and the negative feelings on our platform”, he reiterated one of the profiles most admired Silicon Valley.

Through the artificial intelligence expected to remove the harmful content faster, before it even alerts you to its dissemination, he stressed. “In case of suicide can mean the difference between life and death. As soon as the technology is, it gives a first answer. We have already seen thousands of cases”, have been hypothesized.

In the case of terrorism have insisted that, during the first quarter of 2018, have eliminated more than two million pieces promoted by ISIS and al-Qaeda. Even so, they have recognized that the need of the human eye is a patent. Your review team more than 20,000 employees.

The artificial intelligence also has a significant role to detect what it considers to be not suitable for your platform, from the nudity to the violence or the hate messages. “We are starting to use technology to condemn the messages of hate. We already do with English and Portuguese. In addition, the teams reviewed to be able to better describe why it is offensive and to improve the system,” he revealed.

The fake accounts is one of the vehicles of propaganda. “We try to stop them before they have the ability to make year. Our priority is to stop the spam, the fake news and misinformation. A first step has been to disable accounts auto dedicated to making scams financial”, have insisted the makers of Facebook.

Connectivity is another of his obsessions. Continue up to carry the Internet access to all corners, not only with their planes Aquila, but also with a system of networks that are to be deployed in San Jose. An ambition insatiable, but difficult to believe if one takes into account the difficulty of maintaining the conference room with wifi stable.

Schroepfer has praised the role which together with Telefonica are developing in Peru to bring Internet to remote areas. Facebook has gone from appearing like a threat to be an ally of the telecommunication companies. 

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