Your cell phone can take photos with VHS effect, retro or exposed film

In an age where digital cameras did not exist or were not in widespread use, the technology of each era striving to develop the best possible support to achieve the photographs or video records of the best possible quality. For everyday use, a photograph with part of the film exposed, with little light or with the mark of the date and time they were defects that had to accept each time you used a compact camera or a camcorder VHS.


A journey for the mobile applications which bring many of the characteristics of video formats and image of decades past
A journey for the mobile applications which bring many of the characteristics of video formats and image of decades past.



The advance of the digital photography, which then spread to the mobile phones hand in hand with the prototype of Philippe Kahn more than 20 years ago, ended in a generation of smartphones with records that manage to combine ease of use with results often equate to teams semi-pros. At this point, it is not surprising that the filters retro Instagram have achieved a high degree of adoption among the users of the mobile application. Of the hand of the stories of Snapchat first and Instagram after so it was that there arose different effects that seek to alter even more the quality that the manufacturers of mobile phones have achieved over the last few years.





The style VHS





The video cameras video home and the players of VHS have also left their mark in the memory of the nostalgic of this type of formats, that at the distance you see a charm in its faults. And for users who never had the chance to experience this format, thanks to the smartphone and the application Camcorder VHS Home Videos will be able to create audiovisual productions of poor quality with the brand that indicates the time and date of capture, if one can be a little forgetful. Is available for free to Android and iOS.

Journey to the decade of the 90


Así se ve una captura retro de un smartphone con #hujicam

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When you talk about cameras vintage is almost always referred to the models of the revealed instant of manufacturers such as Polaroid. However, during the decade of the 90 the compact models were more popular and accessible, with a film of 24 or 36 exposures. Huji Cam is a mobile application that claimed this era, which emulates the small viewfinder of the models of yesteryear and applies the exhibitions were portraits of that era, along with the inevitable touch of the date and time banner will.





A portrait broken on purpose


Un retrato defectuoso también tiene su encanto, esta vez con la app Glitch! Para Android

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The digital productions are not exempt from possible unwanted effects, and inside of the jargon of the world of video games is the glitch, a disturbance unexpected that, in general, does not affect its normal operation and that can be reflected as a visual distortion. For these cases, those who want to apply this effect to your photos or videos, there are several options available, and to start with you can try Glitch Art for iOS and Glitch! for Android.







As if it were a video game





When the Game Boy was a furor among fans of video games, Nintendo released the Game Boy Camera, an accessory that allowed you to capture and print pictures in a paper term. The quality was more limited, for the time, but remained in the memories of many users so that two applications seeking recall this type of portraits, inspired by the videogames of the decade of the 80’s and 90’s. For Android devices is 8bit, while iPhone users will be able to download BitCam to feel that they are part of a title arcade or the consoles from Nintendo or Sega.

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