This activates the new Gmail

The new version of the Google email is now available

Simply log in to the Gmail account from the browser, and once you have entered the credentials, you must access the configuration (that nut on the top-right); if the menu shows the option “try the new Gmail” is that our account is one of the winners. To enjoy the update you simply select that option and let yourself be guided by the wizard that initially we will ask for the type of interface you want: default, comfortable, or compact, depending on the volume of information that we want on the screen.

Where are the news?

Once activated the new Gmail, it is possible that at first glance look like a restyling on a version already well-known, but what is certain is that the novelties of the draft are there, perhaps not overly accessible to the naked eye. Thus, for example, to activate the handy side menu that allows us to add appointments, tasks, or reminders, without leaving the inbox, just press any of the three icons arranged vertically on the right side.
More hidden is if it should be the commented out function snooze that allows us to delay receipt of a message for later: Google has not wanted to appear within the message, but that can only be activated from the input tray by sliding the mouse over the email in particular why it is set up this way? Maybe it’s a question of agility: it is faster to delay emails by reading only the ‘Subject’field.
Most visible are the intelligent answers, a function by which the motor based on artificial intelligence that Gmail ‘reads’ our message and propose a response (for example, “voucher”) that we send with the push of a button. These responses will appear in the mails certain in the bottom. Another new feature is the preview of the attachment, and that is that we will now be able to see a preview of the type of document from the input tray, and open it directly without the need to enter the message.
The progress of the new Gmail is, without doubt, a foretaste of the innovations Google presented at its annual event I/O, which will take place from the 8th of may and where it is certain to be announced more developments for the platform.

SOURCE > Así se activa el nuevo Gmail

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