WhatsApp will raise the age to use the ‘app’ to 16 years

The company is presently fixed the age limit of 13 years and plan to modify the terms of use before may 25



Illustration of the implementation of mobile WhatsApp. / REUTERS
Illustration of the implementation of mobile WhatsApp. / REUTERS



Whatsapp will raise the minimum age to use the application to 16 years. Until now, the social network set the limit at 13 years old or the minimum age required in each country to be authorized to use the services without parental approval, as the company said on its website. This measure will come in the next few weeks, according to reports WABetaInfo through your Twitter profile. The portal notes that the amendment of the regulations could be made concretely prior to the 25th of may, the day which begins to be applicable with all its consequences, the european regulation of data protection in 2016.




«In Spain, now the limit should be 14 years of age and with parental permission for the regulation of data protection», said Juan Pablo Peñarrubia, president of the General Council of Professional Associations of Computer Engineering (CCII). But Peñarrubia doubts that the new regulations that Whatsapp intends to implement is going to live up to: «I Know countless under the age of 13 who use Whatsapp now».




The reason is that in order to use the application just have to accept the terms of use at the time of install. But usually neither parents nor children read the conditions: the 88% of users agree to the terms and conditions on the Internet without reading them, according to the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU). Therefore, the question that needs to be done, according to Peñarrubia, should be the following: «What new mechanisms are going to take the company to persons under such age not to use the app?».




In order to respect new WhatsApp Terms of Service (available in future, ****maybe**** no later than 25 May), WhatsApp requires you to be at least 16 years old to use their services (13 is minimum age, currently).

— WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) 12 de abril de 2018




The president of the General Council of Professional Associations of Computer Engineering, points out that one of the measures to control compliance with the legislation would be that the telephone operator will provide the service provider —in this case Whatsapp— the age of the owner of the phone. «You have to normalize the fact of incorporating a minor as an owner of the mobile mount and reliable mechanisms to know if behind a line there’s a minor,» he says.



SOURCE > Whatsapp subirá la edad mínima para usar la ‘app’ a 16 años






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