Facebook stores calls and messages on Android phones

The registry is an optional feature of Facebook Lite, and Facebook Messenger, according to the company


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Facebook has stored a detailed history of calls and SMS of some Android users. The company assures on his blog that this record is an optional feature of Facebook Lite, and Facebook Messenger. But besides calls and messages, the company collects a huge amount of information: from the photos and messages posted on the wall to the applications the user has downloaded to the mobile at any time or times on which he has clicked on an advertisement determined.



In the case of calls and messages, Facebook knows the names of partners, telephone numbers, time and duration of these calls and whether they are incoming or outgoing. It also records the SMS and MMS. After complaints from several Android users, Facebook has refused to store such data without your consent, since both applications specified during the installation process on the device.



Facebook has defended that never sell these data to third parties and does not collect the content of calls or text messages. The company, which is in the spotlight for the scandal of Cambridge Analytica, has ensured that stores «securely» these data, so that users «always» have control over the information they share via their platform.




Downloaded my facebook data as a ZIP file

Somehow it has my entire call history with my partner’s mum pic.twitter.com/CIRUguf4vD

— Dylan McKay (@dylanmckaynz) 21 de marzo de 2018



For the company, this function allows the user to «find and be connected» with your contacts and provides you with «a better experience» in the social network.The platform property of Mark Zuckerberg began offering this option in Messenger in 2015 and later in Facebook Lite, a lightweight version of Facebook for Android. But, as he says, if the user wishes they can request that the entire record is deleted.





Data stored by Facebook

Anyone can check all the data that stored Facebook downloading a copy of the information via this link. Once you have downloaded the history, simply access the compressed file and open the file index.htm in the browser. There the user can see everything that Facebook knows about him: from his personal interests or the job situation or sentimental up the records of calls and SMS. To access this last record, just open the file contact_info.htm including inside the folder html.




Screenshot of Facebook.
Screenshot of Facebook.




There is a way to delete the history of calls and messages from Facebook and avoid that continue to collect. You have to enter the application Facebook Messenger or Facebook Lite, tap the profile photo to open a menu and click on «People». Finally, click on «Sync contacts» and turn this option off. It is necessary to repeat this process on all the devices on which a user is using an account from Facebook Messenger or Facebook Lite.




Configuration to delete the history of calls and messages of Facebook.
Configuration to delete the history of calls and messages of Facebook.






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