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Dropbox is a service of mass storage in the ‘cloud’. CORDON PRESS.




If someone asked for a tool in the cloud or a storage solution, without a doubt, Dropbox will be a brand recurring in the head of all. The popular cloud service founded by entrepreneur swede Daniel Ek, was groundbreaking at the time of offering the closest thing to a hard drive in the cloud, and the one who hits first, hits two times. Dropbox is not, of course, alone in this race, but has managed to become the reference when looking for a solution to store information on the network, or as a gateway for exchange of documents.Now do we know how to truly get the maximum performance of this service in the cloud? We are going with a few key tips.










Do free version or pay?

As we know, Dropbox has a business model freemium, which offers a free version that you can use up to 2GB of storage without having to pay a single euro. This ability can be derisory for those who want to use the service more or less intensive or when you want to use as external hard drive; however, these 2 gigs may be sufficient for those who wish to use the tool to send attachments on a timely basis or as a platform for synchronization of applications on different devices. The paid version costs 9,99 euros per month and offers 1 TB of storage, but in addition a number of additional features that can make the difference, as the ability to download content on the device (it will not be necessary the connection to the internet), and above all, the remote wipe of a computer in case of loss or theft.






Share files in a simple way

But certainly where it has become strong, this service has been to serve as a platform for sharing files or photos. Do you have any attachment of large size that occupies a lot of space? No problem: Dropbox comes to the rescue, and can not be more easy to use it. The platform offers several ways to share content, but perhaps the easiest is by sharing a link: the system generates a link unmistakable and unintelligible (anyone that does not have he can guess) via which the recipient can access the document. To do this, simply click on the button “Share” the file in question, either from the web or from the applications, to generate that URL, paste it in the email or WhatsApp to wish to send.






Do you bills and receipts of expenses? Say goodbye to paper

Dropbox is widely known as a storage platform, but those who use the tool for the job know that this aspect is possibly the least useful of all. In this sense, one of the most useful functions of the cloud service is without doubt the scanning of documents and works surprisingly well. The idea is simple: eliminate all kinds of receipts, purchase ticket, or even invoices, storing them safely in a repository well organized.If you are going to take a business trip, you can forget about storing all the receipts for accounting expense: simply press the “scan” button in the mobile application for the application to take advantage of the camera to scan to the perfection of the document, removing shadows and adjusting the frames. Paying users may even make searches within the generated document, while the text recognition using OCR is limited to Dropbox Business.






Make our account in Dropbox is very secure

There are still those who are afraid of storing personal information in the cloud, and since then, they have their reasons; however, the platform has taken good note of the mistakes of the past and now offers a few security standards that reach the highest levels in this field. Thus, the information stored is encrypted (256 bit AES and SSL/TLS), but it is almost required to activate two-step verification, which generates a temporary code on another device belonging to the user each time a new computer connects to the account.







Have you deleted a document and now wants to recover? No problem

Another of the advantages of using Dropbox as a ‘hard disk’ principal for all of our information is to be able to undo with ease steps we have taken in false. In a standard PC, if you delete a document from the hard drive and empty the trash, it will be virtually impossible to recover it; however, the platform is available for up to a month to recover a file by deleting. A guarantee of security for the most clueless.





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