«Girls naked in the bathroom» or «hot»: the suggestions of the Facebook search engine

The social network asks for forgiveness and claims to have removed the predictions, but in Spain they still appear

Screen capture of the finder Facebook.
Screen capture of the finder Facebook.




«Naked girls in the bathroom», «girls hot», or «girls sexy and daring». These are some of the suggestions of Facebook when you write «girls» in the search engine. The social network has apologized after hours of suggesting searches of a sexual nature and even pedófila in the early hours of Friday. Despite the fact that the company has secured the british media have solved the problem, in Spanish they are still listed recommendations pornographic. THE COUNTRY has claimed without success for an explanation as to Facebook in Spain.









The suggestions of the social network serve for the user to find «more relevant information», according to Facebook. These predictions are based on several factors, such as the connections, the activity in the social network and the popularity of the search term. But in the early hours of Friday, the search engine has begun to suggest worrying results for those who wrote “video”. Multiple users have posted examples on Twitter. In Spanish, the platform proposes to the user for example «gay guys naked without boxer» or «young women culonas». In English, the platform recommended by this type of search when you search for «videos». Among them, «videos of girls sucking dicks under the water», «videos of girls doing oral» and «videos of the shooting of Florida».

Screenshot of Facebook.
Screenshot of Facebook.
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In a press release picked up by The Guardian, Facebook claimed to be investigating the problem: «As soon as we realized these predictions offensive, we remove them. The predictions of search of Facebook are representative of what people can be looking at Facebook, and do not necessarily reflect the actual content on the platform. We do not allow sexually explicit images, and we are committed to keeping that content off of our site». The social network has assured be investigating why did these predictions of search and how to improve the quality of the same in the future.

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Even after the search terms, pornographic disappeared on Facebook in English, users are alerted of suggestions of algorithmic strange, seemingly far removed from what the social network would normally. For example, «videos and photos zodwa wabantu»  a celebrity south african  and «video call Cristiano Ronaldo hala madrid king».

These events take place a few days after Facebook apology for having asked its users in a survey whether they would allow or not that its platform was used to conduct paedophile. Representatives of the company admitted that the poll was a mistake, and advocated that the social network has always prohibited this kind of acts.




SOURCE > “Niñas desnudas en el baño” o “calientes”: las sugerencias porno del buscador de Facebook






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