Kylie Jenner is «fed up» is Snapchat nearing its end?

Only with a tweet of complaint, the star of American television Kylie Jenner managed to the Friday the shares of the company Evan Spiegel were to fall sharply, causing her to lose US$1,500 million. And it is not the only one unhappy with the application.

Kylie Jenner and logo of Snapchat. The American celebrity Kylie Jenner harshly criticized Snapchat’s new design.

The youngest of the Kardashian said that it would not use the app and that it was «very fed up» of it: «is There anyone you have stopped opening Snapchat? Or do only I? This is very sad,» he wrote on Twitter.

sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me… ugh this is so sad.

— Kylie Jenner (@KylieJenner) 21 de febrero de 2018

The Sunday he wanted to be reconciled with the social network by sharing several videos, among them the second you post on social networks about her daughter Stormi, who was born on the 1st of February.

But the damage was already done.

Many users applauded on the internet, the criticism of the young model to the application.

In fact, more than a million people signed a petition on the web site asking Spiegel that would bring it back to Snapchat its original design.

And all for a few changes recently introduced.

Snapchat Millions of users signed an online petition opposing the changes.

Changes and withdrawals

The American model Christine «Chrissy» Teigen also showed against the new look of Snapchat: «How Many people have to hate an update to take into account,» he asked via Twitter.
Responsible for the social network stated that it is possible that its users «have trouble getting used to the changes» and that they expect the community to «enjoy once you get used to it».
But many are not having so much patience and have started to abandon the application.
The young magician and youtuber Julius Dein is one of them.
Has close to 20 million followers on all your social networks, and told the BBC that, lately, has noticed a significant decline in Snapchat.

Julius Dein Julius Dein says that Snapchat is only used by his «super-followers».

«I had between 400,000 and 500,000 followers in a given time, and over the past year dropped to 200,000 or 300,000».
«And then, in the last two weeks, the figure was reduced to 130,000 or 140,000 in».
The british believed that it may be that, simply, people will find «boring». But he also stated that the number of people that watch their «stories» of Instagram has increased during that period of time.
Julius coincides with Kylie in that you don’t like the new design of Snapchat.
«Although each time he launches a major update on Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter, everyone is complaining about… and then quickly become accustomed».
«There are requests all the time,» he added.
TWEET «Dear Snapchat, please stop trying not to see the stories in the Discover section,» a user wrote on Twitter. (Photo: Twitter / AndrewZuniga)

The changes were introduced for the first time in 2015. It was then when he began to operate the tool, «Discover» (discover), which was not very successful.
It was a section dedicated to the creation of content for media partners, which later was extended to publications of celebrities.
That section replaced»Best Friends» (best friends), which itself was popular, placing the items of media above those of friends and other contacts.
But despite the avalanche of complaints, the company said it would not reverse to reverse the changes.

Fierce competition

In August 2016, Instagram introduced «Stories» (stories), a tool that many argued that it was an identical copy of what is offered by Snapchat and that allows you to publish content that only lasts for 24 hours.

«Instagram decided to become, literally, on Snapchat,» he said on Twitter the user of the social network of Harry Seaton.

Instagram's new stories feature Instagram copied Snapchat by entering a section of temporary stories.

Several celebrities of the internet participated in the debate explaining which of the platforms it was better to publish «stories» temporary.
Joules says that Snapchat offered «an awesome concept» at the beginning: «it Was their big opportunity and the reason you grew so much».
Perhaps that’s why Kylie Jenner says that Snapchat was «his first love».
But it now has tough competition from Facebook and Whatsapp, which are offering exactly the same thing.

Uncertain future

Julius believes that the future of the application depends on the desire to innovate that has Spiegal.
«Maybe becoming a television platform that integrates different channels,» says the young man.
Ensures that only would use Snapchat if you will be without followers, but do not have very clear where you are headed to the app.
«I have a hearing on Snapchat that I can not ignore. I’m not sure what is the future for Snapchat, but does not paint well, ‘»he told the BBC.

Snapchat The future of the application does not seem to have a very clear direction.

Rohan Midha, executive director of the marketing agency british PMYB, specializing in campaigns with influencers, told the BBC that Snapchat made a mistake when he pulled out to celebrities and influential people in the section of «friends» (when you enter your change in the design).

«They did not realize the value of the influencers for the app«.

«People want to follow them because they like them even though Snapchat only see them as trademarks.»
However, Midha said he does not believe that the request to force Snapchat to change your mind.
«I’m not surprised that so many people signed the petition, although I don’t think that a large company in Silicon Valley, as she will take it into account,» he said.
For the moment, Snapchat is still firm to their principles.
Last Tuesday, the company responded to the request through, confirming that you «understand that to many they are uncomfortable», but that these changes are here to stay (and they are only the beginning).
The problem is that the crisis will treads on the heels, many blogs, technology will have caught up and are becoming more and more analysts that predict a future bleak.

The million dollar question is: how is it affecting that to your number of users?

The company is very secretive with their figures and has not yet published any report on the show. So, for the time being, the answer remains up in the air.

SOURCE > Más allá de que Kylie Jenner esté «muy harta» ¿está Snapchat acercándose a su fin?

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