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Each year, the technology and the gadgets become more sophisticated and, in most cases, more accessible to all. The year ended, we saw how advanced the technologyBut what were the most popular and what we can expect for 2018?





What are the trends for the technology of the consumption in 2018
What are the trends for the technology of the consumption in 2018




The advancement of the gadgets does not stop, and less if it is the products of high technologyIn an industry becoming ever more competitive, brands are fighting to capture the attention of the users through innovation, and be part of the technology that we use day to day.



SAP provides an analysis of the gadgets that dominated the past year, with such a look some of the trends that transform our spaces of work:



iPhone XTo celebrate its tenth anniversary, Apple released this special edition of your device distinctive, with very interesting features: screen unlock with facial recognition and with emoticons that are controlled by the movements of the face.



The bet: to increase the security of their devices and offer unique experiences to their users.


DJI SparkA drone that is within the reach of all, it is focused DJI to launch Spark, with the aim that all of you were able to bring their creativity to the heavens.



The flight modes are directly related to the control of gestures and their combination with the computer were successful, the drones will be the new account to the head of the sales charts.



Amazon EchoThere is a selection of almost infinite device compatible with Alexa, a personal assistant created by Amazon, so that its Echo is the «brain» perfect for a security system for the smart home.



From rings to smart up security cameras powered with artificial intelligence, these are the best updates Alexa for 2018.



SwitchAfter some experiments that ended up not being adopted by the market, Nintendo took to the consoles to another field by making a bet too ambitious: to erase the line between portable gaming consoles and home-made.



One of its special components are the drivers Joy-With. These two little knobs are equipped on the inside with a lot more technology than it seems, since they have gyros and accelerometers that allows you to incorporate functions of gestural control, such as those already put mode the Wii.



Samsung Galaxy S8The greatest novelty is that it is the first smartphone from Samsung that has a wizard. This is the interface Bixby, which allows you to navigate through services and applications with a simple command of voice, touch, vision and text.



In addition, the Galaxy S8 includes technologies of security to face unlock, fingerprint and iris scanner, and is built on Samsung Knox, a platform for military-grade security.



The way that technology took in 2017 has several features, such as gesture recognition and other biometric identification to provide enhanced security. In addition, we have the artificial Intelligence that raises the level of productivity and enabling the connection between devices.As well as increased mobility with a processing power able to replicate the experience of desktop devices, and a search for a rapid adoption of this technology.




SOURCE > Cuáles son las tendencias para la tecnología del consumo en 2018





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