the best apps of 2017

The education, the entertainment, the ‘Mobile Commerce’ and the economy collaborative have been the themes on the rise




A 'smartphone' with several applications.
A ‘smartphone’ with several applications.



Reach the end of the year and the app stores published the list of the most downloaded. In them, and although not an exact match the preferences from theApple Store with Google Play, appear among the first positions the most used by users: Instagram, WhatsApp, Youtube, Snapchat or Clash Royale, but there are other applications that you have open step quickly and that have been outstanding during the year 2017 for various reasons. Let’s see them:

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NetflixThe boom of the television series is one of the triggers that streaming has arrived in the living room of our houses in full Prime Time. Among all the platforms, the most demanded is NetflixAlso your application has been leader of downloads during this year. Even above that of other newcomers such as HBO and Amazon Prime Video.

[/mks_one_half] [mks_one_half][mks_pullquote align=»right» width=»300″ size=»24″ bg_color=»#000000″ txt_color=»#ffffff»]Bitmoji has excelled by being the most downloaded of the year according to the list presented by Apple in early December[/mks_pullquote][/mks_one_half]


FaceAppWe have put a smile on your face when we were serious, we have changed gender and even aged. All with FaceApp, a photo editing application snapshot that, with millions of downloads, has passed by most of the mobile phones during this year. Though it has not been exempt from criticism for the bad idea that had to incorporate filters that changed the skin tone.

BoomerangThe successful wake of Instagram precise sustained improvement in order to remain the app of choice for sharing photos. One of these improvements, and also one of the most downloaded is Boomerang, which has taken advantage of the rescue of the fashion of the GIF to succeed among the Competition.

PicsArt AnimatorChosen by Google Play as the most entertaining of 2017, serves to give a touch of fun to any image, whether it be with stickers, emojis, or simply drawing scribbles.

FUT 18 DraftThis football simulator became an unexpected viral phenomenon to be the app most downloaded of the month of October, according to StatistaBeating even WhatsApp with nothing less than 1.525.361 facilities.

RobinSoon CleanEach time we take more conscience of that the security apps and cleaning junk files can help us to optimize our terminal to work with greater fluidity. Among the most popular are Clean Master and Avast, but they appear new and interesting initiatives such as this RobinSoon Clean. Even the own terminals come with built-in cleaning applications series. This happens with Huawei and Xiaomi, among other brands.

AudiobooksAfter the success of the podcast as a format of radio on demand, has revived the audiobook, which, according to the blog Dosdoce, is the format of the book is that the more you will grow. Even above the stuck ebook. There that highlight this model of applications that facilitate the approach to literature in an age of fast consumption of content. In addition to Audiobooks, we read various classics, we have applications such as Storytel, which incorporate titles totally current.

SOURCE >   Estas son las ‘apps’ que han cautivado nuestros móviles en 2017

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