5 things that damage your cell phone’s battery

The short duration of the battery of our smartphones is one of the evils of the technology of today.



Just a few days ago, Apple admitted that slowed the operating system of some of its iPhone to compensate for the deficiency suffered by the batteries of the phones with the passage of time.




Cell phone battery nearly exhausted in the hands of a woman
Cell phone batteries work in charge and discharge cycles.




Despite ensure that you are trying to soften the deterioration of the devices to avoid being shut down without prior notice, the company faces several lawsuits in the United States.



Cell phones use batteries of lithium-ion battery that load fast and have a compact design, but also have their counterparts. These batteries are generally unstable and their performance drops quickly.



The industry finds it difficult to be able to adapt to a few smartphones whose design and performance are changing ever more quickly. Some of the solutions that have been presented to report problems such as the size, the time required for the total load or are of materials highly polluting.



While it is not a definitive solution, there are some things that we can do to try and extend the life of our smartphones.





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Bad coverage

Each time your phone tries to connect to a network Wifi or maintain a stable connection you will use a lot of energyThis occurs in areas with low signal strength or when there are many people trying to connect to the same network, for example, in a place with public wifi.




Night city landscape with wifi signals.
The phone consumes a lot of power to try to connect to a saturated network or with a low signal.





Although it is not an ideal solution, what you can do is to activate the airplane mode if you know you will be going into an area with low coverage, and preventing your phone from wasting battery.






Some applications

From the moment you open an application, it consumes battery power, some more than others. You try to get out and close them.



It also reviews those that use more energy in the paragraph «Battery» in the options of «Settings», both the devices Android and iOS.




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Detect your location

Have activated the GPS in your cell demand a lot of battery. There are applications that use and record your location without you might realize, such as for example Twitter.




Group of 3 young people with map and cell
GPS services are activated in many applications even if we do not realize it.





If you want to limit the number of applications that use your location, you can turn it off or select the apps that you don’t want using your location.



On Android devices you need to go to >Security>Location>Permissions. If you have a device that uses iOS, then you’ll need to access Settings>Privacy>Location to select or unselect each app.






Extreme temperatures

Lithium batteries do not work well when subject to extreme temperatures because the ions that contain end up by eroding the material by which the load cycles last less.




Cell phone screen on fire
The chemical reaction that occurs between the ions that make up the lithium battery makes subsequent charges more deficient.





So the best solution to make your uploads last longer is to avoid exposing your cellphone to extremely high temperatures or very low.




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Large screens

The designs of the new phones give leadership to the screens which are increasingly larger and require a larger number of pixels which, in turn, use more battery power to illuminate them.



Lower the screen brightness from the Settings menu of your phone can help you save a lot of energyYou can also try to turn off the screen or checking your phone less frequently.






High volume

The noise that it makes your phone, the applications, or the volume at which you listen to music have a big impact on the battery of your phone. Many times it depends on the type of speakers that you have the device, but in the case of iOS the sounds of all the app consume quite a bit of energy.



A solution would be to buy a headset and mute the sounds on the phone or applications that do not consider useful.






Consecutive loads

The older devices worked better if before you load them again left that is used up completely. Now the opposite happens.




Cell phone connecting to a charger.
Experts say that your cell phone should always be above 50% of the load to ensure good performance.





The useful life of your battery is prolonged if you make small charges to keep it, ideally, above50% according to the expert in cell phone technology Simon do jary.







Does the final solution?

A solution that presents the devices of almost all brands is the battery saving mode or low power consumption.



By activating this option, among other things, it lowers the brightness of the screen, it eliminates the vibration mode, you will not reach a large part of the notifications and deleted the location services.



If it is already too late to apply these tricks, the only solution is to replace your battery because they can’t be fixed.



Now, here, you also have some options:





Go to the Apple store

It is probably the most expensive option, but also the safest since the quality and warranty of repair is supported by the company’s own manufacturer of the device. Its price is US$79.



Two hands repairing a cell phone in a workshop.
Replacing a battery can be expensive and the quality of the repair is sometimes dubious.





Go to a local

Many stores in your neighborhood may offer the same repair services for Apple and, in most cases, to lower prices. But here do not have warranties on the repair or on the quality of the new battery.







If you are confident that you know operate on an iPhone without breaking it then you can buy a replacement battery whose price ranges between US$12 to US$40 for the batteries of iPhone 6, 7, or their versions of Plus.



It is much cheaper to bring your phone to Apple or to any local repair, but you have to assume that you can get to break it and you will not be able to blame anyone.





SOURCE >  Mala cobertura, cargas repetidas y otras 5 cosas que dañan la batería de tu celular




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