Is your iPhone slower?

Apple has just confirmed what many iPhone users had long been suspecting: revealed that with their software updates slows down deliberately some models of the iPhone as they become «old».



Through blogs and forums, several of its clients accused the company of using that resource to force them to buy new phones as soon as possible.




iPhone user
iPhone user






However, Apple said Wednesday that the reason that makes some of its smartphones to become more slow is that the performance of the battery naturally decreases with time.



The technology giant from Cupertino, USA, says that with this measure aims to compensate for that deficiency and «prolong the life» of the devices.



The statements of Apple occur just a few days after that a customer is shared on the news site Reddit a series of tests on your iPhone 6S with the suggested that the device had become slower with the time, but accelerated its performance of a sudden when you replace the battery.



«I used the iPhone 6 Plus for my brother and it was faster than mine. It was then when I knew that something was wrong,» wrote user*, under the pseudonym of TeckFire.



The technology company Geekbench analyzed after several iPhones with various versions of iOS, Apple software, and discovered that indeed some of them had been slowed down intentionally, according to published on his blog.




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What does it say Apple?

Apple confirmed that it made some changes to its iOS system to manage the aging of the lithium-ion batteries in some devices, such as shrinkage with the passage of time.




The Californian company admitted that it created a function in the software of some of its iPhone models, including the 7, to «avoid blackouts.»



«The lithium-ion batteries become less able to meet the energy demand at low temperatures, when you have low battery charge or when they age, which can cause the device to shut down unexpectedly to protect their electronic components,» explained the company.



«Last year we launched a feature to iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone that softens these workloads only when it is necessary, in order to avoid the power outages during these conditions».



«Now we extend this function to the iPhone 7, with iOS 11.2, and we plan to add it to other products in the future.»



«Our goal is to provide the best experience to our customers.»





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Why deteriorate the lithium batteries?

Lithium batteries degrade with time so that it occurs during the cycle of loading and unloading.



During those two events, the lithium ions move through the material that forms the battery.




Lithium ion battery.
In lithium ion batteries, the ions migrate from one electrode to another during charging and discharging.




Some studies with electron microscopes revealed that each time the ions migrate, cause small changes in the physical structure of the electrolyte (substance that conducts electric current).



The effect is «as the rust creeps unevenly across steel», according to a scientist who has studied the phenomenon.



The changes erode the material, which may then contain less load and can hinder your ability to provide a constant energy supply.



The higher voltages cause the erosion to happen more quickly, as well as higher temperatures.





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What that should have told Apple to their customers?

«By choosing to make that implementation discreetly, it seems more nefarious than it really is; it does not generate confidence, «wrote the developer and blogger Nick Heer.



«Apple was always very good at managing expectations… this is an example of how they ruined. So unnecessary, I think».



Replace an old battery in one of the affected models should return the phone to its initial speed. It costs US$79 in the United States.



«Should be more transparent«, he says to the BBC Chris Green, of the technological consulting firm british Bright Bee.



«They are removing performance to someone who paid for it. If you are going to slow down your phone over time, they should explain why they do it for people to understand if, ultimately, it is for your benefit».



«But I see where this is going: slow down the phone helps them to mitigate the problem of the battery«.




SOURCE >  ¿Está más lento tu iPhone? Apple reconoce por primera vez que ralentiza deliberadamente sus teléfonos




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