“The first to adopt new technologies tend to be criminals”

After his success in the electronic commerce, the entrepreneurial digital Lucy Lawrence ventures into the field of artificial intelligence.




Lucy Lawrence
Lucy Lawrence, entrepreneurial mexican-usa in artificial intelligence. DANIEL VILLA



Lucy Lawrence (Brownsville, 1972) is convinced that the time has come that the machines can learn to reason without supervision, and that humans are prepared to take the risks to allow this. This enterprising mexican/american, which triumphed in the e-commerce with the multi-million dollar sale of its store of luxury products, Ashford the giant eBay in 2001, it is now immersed in the use of artificial intelligence also for business. Lawrence grew up on the border between Matamoros and Brownsville, but for the last 27 years, it finally left to the United States to engage in technologyTheir roots in Mexico is obliged to return several times a year.

A trip to Chiapas was the inspiration to create Next Trade, a platform that helps the entrepreneurs to market their products all over the world, but where computers make the decisions as they contain information on commercial treaties. When we observe the trade of local products in the southern State of Mexico, Lawrence realized that he could create a tool to boost small business that sometimes do not have enough information to expand their opportunities in the market. Next Trade has reached the final of the X Prize in Artificial Intelligence organized IBM where it could get financing.

Lawrence began to immerse themselves in the development of artificial intelligence when he worked with eBay. There he learned, for example, to develop virtual mirrors for stores, Kate Spade and Rebecca Minkoff or to create interactions on the Kinect games with these shops. For she is still distant, the idea of artificial intelligence as conceived by Hollywood, and located in this sector of technological opportunities to facilitate the life of the people.“I want people to understand what is artificial intelligence, is not something we should fear, it is something that we are creating and we have to be involved in making those assumptions that we want the computer to solve for us”, explains in an interview with THE COUNTRY.

The image of an artificial intelligence evil, as the computer HAL 9000 from the movie 2001:a space Odyssey it is far from the reality. The risks, he says, there will be a measure of how to teach these machines to think. “We have to give values and structure to these machines,” he says. Once the e-commerce, credit cards, and even gift cards were viewed with mistrust by the users until their use is normalized. The criptomoneys for example, are still struggling to be accepted. “It is curious but with all the new technology that has entered the market, the first people that adopt it are criminals,” he says.

The curiosity of Lawrence for the technology goes beyond the life. Has been enrolled in the program of cryopreservation of Alcor Life Extension Foundation to keep your body frozen for 100 years after his death, and then revive if science advances enough. “I’m very interested in the idea of being able to return within my own body to see at what point we have developed.If in reality all we are doing now, which is growing exponentially, it pays and to know at what point we will reach in 100 years, I want to go back to see him,” he says to the curiosity of those who listen to it. Explains that it is the best opportunity for your body after death. The organization in Arizona (USA) already has instructions on how you want your future.


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