Intel prepares its own graphics: AMD and NVIDIA no longer be alone

NVIDIA and AMD are dealt from years ago, the market for dedicated graphics cards, one that Intel had not entered, limited to the development of processors with GPUs built much less powerful. That will change soon, because Intel is preparing the launch of its own dedicated graphics cards.



In this project will be especially implicated Raja Koduri, who until very recently had been the maximum responsible of the development of GPUS from AMD, and that has changed sides suddenly to lead the ambitious project of IntelThe rest is significant taking into account the experience that NVIDIA and own AMD have in this segment, but if something had Intel resources. Now, in addition, one of the engineers most important in this field. This is encouraged, gentlemen.




Intel Graphics Card






A move to «galactic» in the world of technology

Koduri dedicated a good part of his career at AMD, but in 2009 he signed a contract with Apple, where he spent four years helping to develop the Retina displays of the iPhone and iPadsIn the spring of 2013, however, the CTO of the division of graphics products from AMD again as head of that whole division, but this Monday announced his resignation from office.








In his farewell message Koduri did not explain what would be your next step, but now we already know that. Intel, which recently announced the joint development of a chip with AMDhad signed one of the big stars of this segment.



This movement is also the beginning of a new and ambitious strategy «top-to-bottom» in the business of GPUsIn the lower part Intel will continue developing and promoting their solutions in the market of GPUs built in.






When we will be able to see a dedicated graphics Intel?

The interest is however in the top of the strategy that Intel has made it clear that they will start to develop dedicated graphics cards, something that you tried at the end of the years 90 with the i740, and that then would try the one project Larrabee, which was nothing. Although Intel has dedicated graphics in segments very specific — coprocessors Xeon Phi of the cover image are a good example— do not have solutions that can compete with powerful GPUs from AMD and NVIDIA in the ranges medium and high market.



7th Intel Core Processor Graphics



Intel seem to have understood that the approach of NVIDIA in the market of the graphic was being especially attractive, both for its success in the segment of dedicated graphics for gaming as well as in the developments that are slowly appearing to segments such as artificial intelligence or autonomous cars.



There are great unknowns in this ambitious new proposal of Intel, as the basis from which work —in AnandTech bet for its architecture Gen9.5 present in the mics of the family Kaby Lake and the Coffee Lake— or, of course, the estimated date of the arrival of their first dedicated graphics.



If the project is already started before the arrival of Koduri, we could attend a launch very soon, perhaps in 2018, but if not it is likely that such a launch did not occur until within 3 or 4 years.



We expect great things from this announcement, but we’ll have to be patient. In the meantime, yes, we imagine that NVIDIA and (especially) the AMD will be something more nervous than normalIntel is not any, since then.






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