WhatsApp does not work. The umpteenth fall of the year

The popular instant messaging service WhatsApp has returned to fall and and for some minutes does not work normally. Reports of users are rising as the foam and it is impossible to connect with their servers at this time. This makes that you can not send or receive messages or calls at the time of writing this news.



WhatsApp chaining the umpteenth fall of service of the year-and it doesn’t work for thousands of users. The website DownDetector shows connection problems around the world, but especially so in Spain and, above all, in the center of Europe.










WhatsApp is down and not working

The result of these connection problems is that it is impossible to connect in these momentsThe application takes a fall because a few minutes. As always, this site is the best way to know if WhatsApp is down or not working, as well as visit to check what they post people on social networks such as Twitter.




whatsapp does not work
WhatsApp does not work




Precisely, the company owned by Facebook just activate at a global level the expected function of erasing messagesFor 7 minutes, users have the ability to delete sent messages, that will also disappear in the terminal of the receiver, while leaving a warning message. However, we know that you have already managed to bypass the limitation of 7 minutes to delete messages sent by WhatsApp.










Alternatives to WhatsApp

If you want to keep in contact with friends and acquaintances, we have a number of alternatives on the market. Telegram is possibly the best of the alternatives, although not everyone uses it. Yes, there has been no fall in Spain so far this year. We can also use Facebook Messenger that are not having problems in these moments of connectivity.



As always, we will be updating the information as we get more news about it. Neither WhatsApp nor Facebook have spoken out about the problems, something that is now usual, and that is no surprise to these heights.



Updated 10:15 – WhatsApp is back to work and everything returns gradually to normal.













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