WhatsApp is updated in Windows 10, it opens along with your PC

Although the majority of users use WhatsApp Web on your computer, what is true is that the instant messaging client has its version for Windows 10And no, you do not receive as many updates as the apps of Android and iOS, but it meets its function. The last revision that has launched the company of Mark Zuckerberg, finally resolves a shortcoming that could take months: now, the client runs when you start up the computer, and no need to open the application manually every time that happens.



Unfortunately, the development of WhatsApp for Windows 10 takes a pace remarkably slower than the versions for mobile devices. But in so far as, the company updated the native client for desktop computers and brings important novelties as the one that concerns us. In this case, the version newly-deployed is the 0.2.6866. And as the main change, although it is not the only novelty introduced in this latest version, at the end you can select the option that WhatsApp will start only each time you turn on your computer.




WhatsApp Web
WhatsApp Web




WhatsApp for Windows 10 is updated: automatic start, finder of GIFs, and much more

In addition to the automatic start of the application, the key for those who often use WhatsApp on the computer, have been introduced more novelties. For example, it is now possible to search for GIFs from the conversations with a specific role, yes, because we had a long time in the mobile versions. There have been some other small changes on an aesthetic level for the application, but the same happens with WhatsApp Web version for Windows 10 is still much more limited than the options available on Android and iOS.



At the moment it is unknown if WhatsApp for Windows 10 will soon be followed by new developments such as voice calling, group and video calls for conversations with more than two participants. And what is expected, but it does not have official confirmation at the moment, is there a version of WhatsApp Business to be able to use it from the computerBut at least until you get the version for mobile devices we will have to wait.





In the link above you can download WhatsApp for Windows 10 or access the link in the Windows Store to perform the update to the latest available version of the instant messaging client.






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