Assassin’s Creed Origins yields worse in PC for abuse of DRM

Assassin’s Creed Origins is the latest installment of the popular series from Ubisoft, where the company has increased the time between each installment of the saga so as not to saturate and to be able to create games of higher quality narrative and technical.The latest installment, Syndicate (set in London) came out in 2015, and this new edition came out a few days ago, with a setting in Egypt.





Assassin’s Creed Origins is abusing the DRM, and that affects the performance of the game

This new title shows that the industry does not know what to do to stop piracy on PC. With the cracking of Denuvo, developers have been left without a method of protection cash for their games, being currently without infringing UWP Microsoft (due to lack of interest rather than difficulty, as they claim the crackers).




assassin's creed origins
assassin’s creed origins




Therefore, it is not uncommon for these companies to resort to drastic solutionsThe latter has been Ubisoft, who not only makes use of Denuvo, but mix it with VMProtectThis is causing the processors of many users who already have the game are reaching uses up to 90% on an i7, something quite unusual for a video gameOther users with a i5 state that the CPU usage shoots up to 100% on all four cores, even when it puts Assassin’s Creed’s Origins in the graphic settings to a minimum. This high usage generates bottleneck, resulting in problems such as pulling and falling of FPS.



While making a game use so much CPU this may seem like a feat of optimization to obtain the maximum performance from the processors that are more advanced, what is actually happening, according to the popular cracker Voksi, is that Ubisoft is using VMProtect on top of Denuvo, which makes the performance of the game drops between 30 and 40%. This “idea” has been dubbed as Denuvo 4.8 by the community.



As we saw two weeks ago, Denuvo is totally dead, because it is not able to protect a game beyond a few hours after his departure to the market, and there are already several groups capable of cracking, such as CPY or CODEPUNKS (born from the union of CODEX and STEAMPUNKS).















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