WhatsApp: it will not be easy to delete the messages that you regret.

A lack of spelling, the unintended recipient, messages at odd times which can reveal to when you are awake or that you’re available when you said that you wouldn’t be. Or even worse, sending a message that you regret or are ashamed of. There are many reasons for which to delete the messages that you send through WhatsApp can be useful.



Little by little, the application being incorporated more tools that allow you to control better the service.





A guy with his cell phone, and face to scare you
A guy with his cell phone, and face to scare you



First was to know if the recipient of the message was or wasn’t in line, then the verification of shipping, delivery and even we can know whether the message has been read or not with the famous «seen» in blue or the possibility of knowing where is the person with whom we talked.



After several months working on it, the company of instant messaging has started this week to enable an option that allows you to delete the messages that you send in both private chats and in groups, although it will do so with limitations.



The new version is already available for many but is being implemented gradually and you still don’t have this option in your phone.



The service is designed for users of Windows, Android and iOS to enjoy.



The new option is called «Delete to all» and allow to delete messages that have been sent in a group chat individual.



All the texts that are deleted will be replaced by a message that says «This message was deleted».





How it works

1Go to WhatsApp and open it with any chat you want to delete one of the messages.

2. Press and hold hold the message in question.

3You will see options at the top of your screen to know if you want to delete one or more messages within the same chat.

4Tap the icon of the trash can and select: «delete to all».

The messages can be deleted both in conversations or in group chats.




cube with garbage
The messages can be copied only 7 minutes after sending them.








But you must be careful: delete the messages, will not be so easy or may be erased at any time.


As clarifies the company in the faq section of their website, the messages can only be deleted if given several conditions:


– You can only delete the messages until 7 minutes after sending it, after this time, the option will be eliminated.


 If the recipient reads it before you delete it, you will not be able to do anything to avoid you know what you have commanded despite the fact that you eliminate within a 7-minute set.


– The option to send messages will only work if both users, emissary and receptor, have the latest version of the application. If not, the person you have sent the message, you can continue reading it as though you have removed.


– The service will not notify you if something fails and the message is not deleted, so you’ll have to be aware of if the recipient has received the message that you did not want to read.



men see phone
men see phone









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