Facebook deals blow to the pages in your last test: take them out of the feed main

Facebook has announced this morning that it’s going to try to split your news feed in two. This would be the biggest change you have made in your way of showing the content, by separating a part of the personal news and other posts commercial. The test will take place during a time in only six countries.



From the social network point to which the objective is to understand if people prefer to have separate the personal content and the publicHowever, there are many fears that this is a movement that is more in the trend of Facebook to get the media and page administrators have to pay to be able to show your content to their own followers.



Facebook began testing a few days ago your section «Explore», so that all users can discover new content. But in Bolivia, Cambodia, Guatemala, Serbia, Slovakia and Sri Lanka the test is being different, and all the posts from the pages you follow are removed from the feed main.





Facebook strikes a blow to the pages and media in your last test: take them out of the feed main
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[mks_pullquote align=»left» width=»300″ size=»24″ bg_color=»#000000″ txt_color=»#ffffff»]In the test, publications of the pages disappear from the feed main.[/mks_pullquote]

This way, when you go on Facebook from those countries you only see posts written by your friends and advertising. If you want to see the content of the pages that follow, as any other, you have to click on the section to explore. These, therefore, will have to pay for ads if they want to keep the visibility of their posts on the feed main.



In the social network attempt to allay the fears of the media, and the head of the section of news Adam Mosseri writes on the blog of Facebook that «there is no current plan to implement this beyond the countries of the test, or to make the pages of Facebook to pay for its distribution in the news feed».



With those words on Facebook make it clear that it is «about time» for a test spot, something I always do before big changes, but that seems to point to that will remain so for a few months. They also say that they are not going to force the media to pay to maintain your visibility, but it is not going to make lack, because the first results in the countries where we are conducting the tests show that possibly there is another option.




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The scope organic pages are not leaves of fall


Interactions Pages Facebook
Interactions of the pages after the change of feeds in Slovakia, according to CrowdTangle.




The journalist Filip Struhárik are monitoring the impact of this change in Slovakia, one of the countries where they are performing this test with the two feeds. Their conclusions are that the pages have up to four times fewer interactions than usual, less comments, like and shared. The large pages are the most are being maintained by the loyalty of its readers, while small and medium-sized are the most suffering from the change.



As much as Facebook try to avoid panic among the media with promises that there is nothing decided, the worst thing is that this step makes all the sense in the world if we attend to how it has been standing out of the scope of organic of the publications of the page in the last few years.



A study conducted between 2012 and 2014 found that the organic searches of the majority of pages on Facebook had dropped from 16% to 6.5%, suggesting that the reach of pages with more than 500,000 «Likes» would be only 2%. This means that, according to these numbers, a page with 10,000 fans could only hope that 650 of them could see their posts in your news feed, while the publications page with a million fans, only you would come to 20,000.



[mks_pullquote align=»right» width=»300″ size=»24″ bg_color=»#000000″ txt_color=»#ffffff»]The algorithm changes Facebook does not have standing to bring the scope of organic pages[/mks_pullquote]

SocialFlow analyzed the past year the range of 3,000 posts of media in Facebook, and also yielded a figure of some concern: its range had decreased by 42% between January and may of 2016. That same year, Facebook changed its algorithm to prioritize the content of the friends, promising to administrators of pages that would not affect more than 2%, and the fall of reach organic ended up being 52% according to another study from SocialFlow.



This last example is perfect to understand the nervousness of the media and page administrators of Facebook, because it demonstrates that much from the social network to pledge that they will not suffer consequences, the reality seems to be always different. In the end, all of this just leading us to the same place: if you want to keep the visibility of your page you will have to pay for ads, and that creates an unbridgeable gap between the small medium and large with more resources.



Have to wait a few months to see how everything isFrom the point of view of a conventional user can be a good news that we remove the noise from your feed, so it is very possible that the experiment did not go wrong, and Facebook decides to take it further. Be well and carry all the world these two feeds, this movement would be the final thrust to round off the «pay to reach your own fans» increasingly present in the media.







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