Oculus Go, virtual reality goggles that do not require phone or cable

During the event, Oculus developer #OC4, Mark Zuckerberg in the company of Hugo Barra announced the new device of virtual reality company Oculus GoIn the past year Oculus we she fumbled with the idea of launching a virtual reality goggles that do not dependence of a phoneAt the beginning of the year, there were numerous rumors that they were working on it, and now, they have finally come to light.



Oculus Go, finally some virtual reality goggles that do not require a phone or cable
Oculus Go




These new virtual reality goggles are located in the mid-range, with the Gear VR in partnership with Samsung under and with the Oculus Rift in the high range. The price and not rely on a telephone, is what makes these glasses the most tempting of the moment.







The new Oculus Go come up with a new design. Improve the materials so that it is not annoying to wear the glasses for a long time put. On the inside, lenses are of new generation and hold the promise of a field of vision better than that in the Rift.



In terms of the screen, use an LCD display WQHD 2.560X1.440 pixelsAccording to Hugo Barra, has a fill factor of pixels greater than OLED, improves visual clarity and reduces the effect of screendoorFeature a system of built-in audio. This means that the audio controls are built into the headset, and does not need external headphones to be used.




Oculus Go
Oculus Go





As has been indicated in the event, the Oculus Go are compatible with the binary of apps for the Samsung Gear VRTherefore, the platform already has an extensive catalog of apps.






Project Santa Cruz: without cables, without a phone inside

The «Project Santa Cruz» is responsible for these new glasses, the main objective has been to get a device fully self-containedDespite the fact that by now only the glasses Oculus Go are independent, the project promises to bring this independence to the rest of the glasses also. A prototype of Santa Cruz will get to the developers in the next few months, and promises a real motion control of six degrees of freedom.



For the moment, we just have a new video showing us how is the experience:








Price and release date of the Oculus Go

The new Oculus Go will hit the market next year, with a starting price of $ 199The developers however will receive the development kit in November of the same year.




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Oculos Go




According to Mark Zuckerberg, are the glasses of virtual reality’s most accessible momentFor price and features, of course. Need to see how they react with other manufacturers to this: Microsoft with mixed reality and HTC with Live.



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