Use VPN to harass her roommate, the FBI found him by the VPN

A few months ago we were talking with some people who have experienced how it is to browse on the Internet from China, a country in which it is compulsory to use a VPN if you want to access Google services, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, etc.




Image of STALKER





As many will know, using a VPN we can change our IP address, allowing us to hide the traffic by means of encryption or access to content limited according to the country where we live.






A year and a half harassing her roommate

There are many platforms that offer different plans, and some claim that they do not keep any kind of record about the activity of the users. That would mean that everything you do on the Network would be anonymous.



A recent news story proves the contrary, since a man from Massachusetts has been arrested for stalking her roommateThe victim is called Jennifer Smith, and is 24 years old.



«Reopens the controversy over the alleged privacy of some VPN.»

To live with it, could access to your MacBook and steal the passwords of some of their bills and a lot of personal data, including photos from their iCloud, and Google DriveThe defendant began to use a VPN to hide your identity and make (among many others) the following acts:

  • Create accounts on sites for adults by pretending to be her roommate, offering services to both ends
  • Death threats to the victim and his close circle
  • Impersonate the identity of the victim to send bomb threats to schools and to people
  • To reveal that the victim would have undergone an abortion, a statistic which was only to be found in his journal




a girl on her MACBOOK





The detainee is called Ryan Lin, and he accuse him of multiple crimes that would be committed by using tools like Tor, Textfree or ProtonMail. In addition, Lin used PureVPN, a provider that promises not to keep any log of its users.



PureVPN ended up collaborating with the FBI and provided records that indicated the identity of the stalker. This reopens the controversy over the alleged privacy that is offered by some VPNPrecisely, PureVPN is based in Hong Kong, a place in which freedom of expression is in danger.



For his part, Lin was arrested last October 5 and was found guilty. Now have to face five years in prison, to which must be added three years of probation.






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