9 useful tricks of Google Maps

Google Maps has more applications than maybe you have imagined, and many can improve your experience and find it very useful in the day-to-day.



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Many times we use the technology that we have available, but don’t get all the performance.


Google has realized this and has wanted to give us the use of their flagship application getting to know some of the secrets that hides.


Here’s 9 of them.





Remember where parked the car

You can save the exact location of your car with a single click.


For the more clueless this can be a very useful cheat.


According to the scientists, the stress and anxiety makes us forget more easily the everyday things, that we don’t pay attention.


Parking is something that is routine that many of us do automatically without paying attention.


In addition, when parked close to home or work places are very similar, and does it cost to register differences.


But Google has wanted to help us with this.


To do so: tap on the blue dot of your location and select «Save parking».


When you search for the car you just have to open the Google Maps application and search for the letter «P» on the map which indicates parking.






Share your location

Sometimes it is difficult to explain and describe where one is and the signs are not always easy to understand.


The best option may be to share your coordinates to help you set up a route than a two points.


To do so, simply access the map, you click on the blue dot that indicates your location and you give the option to «Share location«.



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Uses maps offline

This is a useful tip especially if we’re going on vacation and will be without data on our cell phone or when we know that the signal will not be very good.


If the language is going to be a drawback to be able to ask a local or you’re not very good with directions, Google Maps allows you to download a portion of the map , so you can use it offline.

Once you’re in the app, open the menu and click on the thing that says «Maps offline«.


Move with the fingers or the mouse until the area of interest, zoom in and dala-download. With this you’ve already saved that part of the map to use it even if you don’t have connection.


After you download an area, you can use the Google Maps application as you would normally.


Eye! Google warns that this option is not available in all areas due to language restrictions and rights so that query before.






Avoid crowds

The queues in the shops are avoidable if you know the hours of greater influx.


With christmas around the corner, perhaps it’s useful to know that Google Maps also know the peak hours of the shops.


This could help you avoid large queues or travel in the bucket if you’re short on time.


The seeker knows even the influx real, so that you can decide at the last moment whether or not it is worth that you go to make your purchases.


To know all this you just have to find the name of the trade on Googleenter in your data sheet, and there appears the influx of the local-peak hours.




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Customize your map

Add your frequent destinations like your home or work so that the map already has your routes precomputed, if you’re using the navigation mode.


The application will also provide real-time information of how long it will take you to your preset destinations depending on the traffic, road works or disruptions in transportation.


In addition, very graciously, Google Maps will show you the weather forecast that you have to go to work and you will have in your home.


To add «Home» and «Work«, go to the side menu and tap «my sites». There you must add the exact address of the two places.


You can also create lists that identify, for example, the vegetarian restaurants in your city.


To do lists go to»Your Sites», then to «Saved» and there you’ll see several examples already in default. If you hit the «+» symbol you can design your own lists of how many places you want to have in Google Maps.






Receive traffic alerts

In high traffic situations, you can propose alternative routes.


The application also allows you to receive traffic alerts. If in addition you have added as target frequent your house, it can notify you that on that day the traffic is especially congested in that area, and to propose alternative routes.


Go in the menu of Maps and then go to Settings>Notifications>Traffic.


Once there, you just have to make sure that you activate the options that interest you.




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Find nearby points of interest

If you ever find yourself in a part of town that you don’t know or need to turn to the nearest garage, it will suffice with a single click to open a list of possibilities.


Entering in the browser the application you simply type in «restaurants near me» or workshops close to me», etc so that it offers a range of possibilities.


The key word is «near me«, don’t forget it.






Win prizes by making a guide

Your opinion can help other users.


You can become a «Local Guide from Google «valuing the different places, restaurants and shops. Doing so will allow you to share your opinion and help the other users but also earn a sort of «awards».


In function of the ratings and the photos that you upload you’ll receive pointsReached a certain level you’ll be able to get free space on Google Drive, or to attend events organized by other local guides Google.


To become one just log in to the app with your Google account and start sharing your ratings from the side menu.






View your history

Google stores a lot of information about us and sometimes this can be useful.


For example, if you have to return to a place you’ve already gone before, but you’ve lost the address.


If you go to the side menu on the left you will see a section that says «Your rides«. Pressing it will display a list of recent sites you’ve visited using Google Maps.


On the contrary, if you don’t want Google to register your activity, you can uncheck this option. For them to go to the top right of the screen.


In «Settings» go to the location history and uncheck the option.





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