Wiko View: Mobile low-end, but with good Screen

The Wiko View is a foretaste of what is to come: the screen mobile in 18:9 and that do not cost an eye of the face.




Wiko View




The Wiko View surely does not sound like anything. Or the brand is well-known (it comes from France, but manufactured in China), nor has behind it the marketing campaigns of LG, Samsung or AppleIt is the great challenge of the small business of smartphones, how do you do to stand out in this market so difficult?



The best option, according to my experience, is to jump quickly to the new fashion and the best you can. And in the case of the wiko site View, I can say that they have been able to integrate very well the design of the mobile without almost mark on a phone that does not cost more than 200 euros at launch. As the first point to keep in mind to buy it, it is quite more attractive.



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Of course, the rest of sections are not so positive. Being a mobile mid-range-low, does not have a very good cameraFor example, record video at 1080p and 30fps, but that is the least that can be asked as to a phone that launches in 2017. There is No high-speed modes.



Your camera of 16 megapixel at the rear, in addition to make the photos of a lifetime, it also serves to make photos of up to 52Mpx thanks to a technology called Super Pixel, but I recommend to use it if you like that the photos are sharp. Ahead, the chamber of selfies of 13Mpx is correct, without more.




Good Screen




The screen is also not a strong point, but it is quite tolerable. Without a panel, OLED or better LCD, resolution HD+, which is 720 pixels wide by a height of 1480 pixels, it is also correct. Despite how long it is (5.7-inch, wide are as a mobile phone of 5 inches), it is not so wide. For this, you note both that the resolution is below the 1080×1920 lately that handles almost all of the world. And if in a screen of 4.7 in iPhone we do not complain that the resolution is not increased, we are also not going to put cool because a screen similar to do the same.



And to close with the negative aspects, the layer of customization of the interface, although not particularly ugly, it is very heavy. There are many apps wiko site installed by default and, unless you uncheck the option, the mobile phone has the ugly habit of installing third party apps without that you see him do. Appear on the desktop and you have to delete them by hand if they bother you.



It is not all negative, eye. I really like the size that you have. Even though I use it daily phones much larger, rediscover the comforts of a phone that can be used with a single hand, it has been something nice. It is comfortable to use, even if the keyboard (comes by default with the Google: «thank you») is more narrow than what I usually use.



The position of the fingerprint reader, which is just below the rear camera, I also like a lot for the same reason: there is no forcing the ligaments or change the position of the hand to press it in the bottom of the cameraAlthough the screen is small it may pass as a paste for some users, something quite understandable, for a change, in my case I’m thankful enough to the size of the Wiko View.




Wiko View




Now, those who want something bigger, you have your brother to something greater, the Wiko View XL, which has a 6-inch screen. Unfortunately, the only improvement with respect to the younger brother is a little more battery (3.000 mAh in front of 2,900 mAh), because by keeping the same resolution (HD+ so ) in a mobile phone with a larger screen, for noses the picture of the phone is going to be something worse.




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Although it is short of memory. It has 3GB of RAM, which is great, but only brings 16GB of storage. Put a microSD card solves this problem in part, as well as pay for the option of 32GB that yes exceeds its low price of 200 euros, but even with 32GB, the thing it falls short today.



So if you’re willing to overlook that you’re not going to buy a mobile phone of a known brand, with what that implies if you have a fault or to search for covers, the Wiko View is drawn from price and it has a design at the height of 2017: almost without edges. The camera, regular, agreed, but battery should not be falling short and, again, it costs very little.



If you are a light surface with the appearance of the dishes that you use, as it is my case, this phone will fit in your plans to update terminal.







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