Craft from Logitech is a Marvel

Habituate and truly take advantage of the wheel that characterizes him, but as a bluetooth keyboard only has that ‘but’.




Craft of Logitech





We have already spoken on other occasions of keyboards are mechanical, but on this occasion, tap to talk about that keyboard that gave us to write about how the tools with which we write on our computers are somewhat outdatedThis is the Logitech Craft, which was announced at the last fair IFA in Berlin.



In summary, we are faced with a bluetooth keyboard of high quality, both in metallic materials and in the printing of the keys, and the proposal does: it has a wheel in the top left that serves for a multitude of things. If you’re in Photoshop, to zoom, to change tools or to handle the color palette. If you’re in a program, listening to music, to raise and lower the volume or stop the song, turn. If you’re in one that plays video… you get the idea.



It may seem silly, but in certain situations it is very practical. Photoshop is perhaps the best example, because it does not need to resort to shortcuts key for certain functions. In Word or Excel, I find that it is used as well its functions, but is also compatible.



A large part of the success of this tool will depend on the support and if the developers of programs make utilities for this wheel.



But this novelty is not what I like most about the keyboardLogitech has many quality products and with bluetooth connectivity, but this is one of the highest quality offers that I have tested lately. With a Master MX 2S to the side, it is possible that the fans of the brand do not need to update their accessories in quite some time.



Ok that is not a keyboard mechanic, but this is not something that all users are going to miss. And in the case of a membrane keyboard more power, the comfort of the keys, the tour of the same and its stability are something to be thankful for. If you are looking for a substitute for the keyboard of your Mac, perhaps this is a good idea by the sensation that it offers when writing. It is perfectly compatible with Windows and MacOS without having to touch anything, another advantage.



The keys have a rectangular shape, but may also have a concave form, is another point in its favor. Although I don’t think that will make me write faster or have less mistakes, yes I appreciate how comfortable they are, and that you will notice different under the finger. Although many don’t go to taste something different, I do appreciate quite these details that make you notice without thinking about it, that you are testing something that is new.



The problem, as happens with these products ‘premium’ is the price. The Craft is worth of base 210 euros, something that almost no one is planting to pay for a keyboardThe vale, by its materials, by the connectivity and the convenience of use, but that does not mean that there are many users who don’t want to let that number on the keyboard and prefer to invest in other components of the computer.



This is the only ‘but’ of a product that perfectly meets all that is you can’t ask a keyboardMaybe that is something heavy what does little friend to take it over, but neither is intended for that: the Craft is to have it on the table, in front of a pretty display and a mouse is also cute on the side. Not all consumers of computers can see as well your working space, but those who do see it this way, that is look at this keyboard if you block them.





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