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The amount of the products of e-commerce is constantly changing, so sometimes time is wasted looking for the best.



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One of the best tools that technology offers us in front of the accumulation of information and data of the Internet is the comparison at the flick of a click face to make purchases of products or services. It is certainly a good way of saving money and of course time, since both things have an impact on family life.



A lot of people turn to Amazon to solve at least the problem of lower the costs, since it has the reputation of being a site where to find good deals, its millions of users they claim. But the problem is that sometimes it complicates the navigation with so many offers simultaneous so similar. This makes it never be at all confident of having purchased the cheapest product or if we could still have done better. 



What is certain is that prices on Amazon change constantly and we should take advantage of it, but not to go crazy and spend the final time more than money, the best thing will be to use technology to locate, compare and if you find something better let us know.





Saves – Alerts of discounts

This application allows you to collect a list of all the products that we buy, even you can add that we already have on our wish list of AmazonThe app will send notifications of type push – to the mobile to let us know about changes of prices, on both the downside and upside, and so we can quickly access your purchase.

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Amazon Price Tracker

In this case we speak not of an app , but a Google spreadsheet (Google Sheets), that help us monitor and maintain up-to-date information of the products that we want to include in the log. Simply copy and paste the hyperlinks or links of the objects that we want to buy.

[mks_pullquote align=»left» width=»300″ size=»24″ bg_color=»#000000″ txt_color=»#ffffff»]I monitore allows you to create, free of charge, a database of products of interest and send alerts when they go down in price[/mks_pullquote]

Its biggest advantage is to be able to handle listings of large number of products that will refreshing your information, and change of price using the official API of AmazonIn addition, if there is a price drop, we send an alert and even a newsletter daily to our account email with the change log. Is it possible to monitor data from the stores of Amazon’s most important (the USA, India, Canada, China, France, Germany, China, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and of course Spain), and has a cost of $ 29 / year for home users, that allow you to control up to 600 articles, and 299 dollars a year for companies that want to control the variations of prices of the competition and for unlimited users.

I monitore

Again a mobile app that allows you to create, free of charge, a database of products of interest and send alerts when they go down in price, although in this case focuses on only the Amazon store in Spain. To incorporate articles simply include the URL or the code or ASIN of the product, which appears at the beginning of the tab from AmazonAs an additional benefit, it shows in real time a selection of products from different categories ranging coming down in price, if we want to take advantage of the bargains that are going to appear. On the other hand, let us filter by product Prime, very useful for users that have this service.

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Amazon Assistant

Now it is the turn of extensions for browsers such as Amazon Assistant, created directly by the official store and is available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and EdgeThe extension offers us a simple button in the browser bar that when pressed, displays the best daily deals that are tailored to our needs, always based on our searches, and wish list. For that to work, it is necessary to maintain open access to the Amazon account.

[mks_pullquote align=»left» width=»300″ size=»24″ bg_color=»#000000″ txt_color=»#ffffff»]Baratukin shows a side window on the product page on Amazon with a range of data that will help us figure out if we are doing or not doing a good buy[/mks_pullquote]


Again, another extension, in this case only for Chrome, which shows a side window on the product page on Amazon with a range of data that will help us figure out if we are doing or not doing a good purchase. There are reflected: a visual indicator if the price is cheap or expensive based on the price history, a counter for setting the price alert, which for us is good, the price means that you have given other users (there are more than 40,000 registered) and the valuation of the product.

In addition, it incorporates a button in the top bar of the browser, where we know of a comfortable look for the best purchases made by other users on the day or sale items, flash that we can be interested and that we will be able to go opening open in other tabs, and filter according to the price limit.

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Enchollados. Chollos and deals

Finally, a website that also has a mobile application to monitor a particular product in various stores online, in addition to Amazon, in such a way that so we will have a comparison that will allow us to make the purchase cheaper. Among the stores that controls are multi-product such as Amazon, Rakuten, Gearbest, eBay, or Aliexpress; and even the best marks of any category such as Nike, Adidas, Levis, Desigual, Samsung, Apple, Lg, Roomba, Puma, Dockers, Ray-Ban, Sony, Bq, or GoPro, among others.

Clear that a problem of monitoring an item in so many stores is that the sellers changed the price shortly publish the offer, we see another cost per click and to lose the bargain initial. For this purpose the Enchollados incorporate a button of incidents for the user to notify and correct the data quickly.


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