Insta360 Air: Videos 360º

Calls 360 was born in Shenzhen (China) in 2014 with the aim to revolutionize the scene 360. In 2016, began a campaign on Indigogo to fund the launch of your cameras 360. Calls 360 Air is not a camera 360 as we have seen until now, is the way of giving your smartphone the head of a chameleon.






  • 360 Facebook and Youtube live
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to carry
  • Price


  • Low quality for Youtube
  • No support for tripod




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Availability and price

Insta360 has a good catalog of camera 360 from the beginning of 2017. Android devices support the camera Insta360 Air and is available with USB plug Type C or micro USB from to about 145€. In their offer in addition you will find a camera 360 for iOS devices called Insta360 nano.


Insta360 Air USB type-C



Insta360 Air Micro USB


Design and finishing

The camera Insta360 Air is a sphere of almost four centimeters in diameter that comes in a rubber sheath. This cover protects the lens of the camera and its USB connector during transportation. The weight is only 26,5 grams, since it has no battery, just the lenses, the sensors and the electronics to connect it to your smartphone.




AndroidPIT insta360 air 7470
Calls 360 Air inside his rubber sheath. / © AndroidPIT





For taking the camera out of the holster enough to catch the Insta360 Air with two fingers of one hand and with the other hand tighten a little the base of the sheath.


To connect the camera to your smartphone, simply insert its connector into the USB port of the smartphone, either Type C or micro USB. You can’t change the connector, so you’ll have to purchase the camera Insta360 with the plug-compatible with your smartphone.




AndroidPIT insta360 air 7451
Insta360 Air connected to a LG G6. / © AndroidPIT





At the end we have a package for something particular. Our smartphone with a ball with an eye on each side stuck on the bottom. In practice, it is easy to use, but the size of the smartphone determines a lot of comfort. That is to say, if we have a smartphone of 5.5 inches to catch it in one hand and manipulate it is not as easy as doing it with the narrow LG G6. To record videos and take photos, the results are better if we take the set with one hand as with two they cover a good part of the scene and there are more chances of putting your fingers in front of the outlet.But this point is something that depends on our device and not the cameraAnyway, I think that is worthy of mention.

The camera Insta360 Air does not have support for a tripod as the rest of camera 360 from the market. If you want to leave it fixed we’re going to have to use an adapter to put the smartphone in the vertical position. This solution is usually not as stable as the screw standard tripod.





AndroidPIT insta360 air 7455
Insta360 Air is much smaller than the Gear 360 but it is not autonomous. / © AndroidPIT





When we compare the size of the Insta360 Air with the rest of the competition we see that it is the most compact on the market. But also keep in mind that it is not a stand-alone device and needs a smartphone to function. On the other hand, it is very easy to transport, provided you can carry over.

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To start using the camera the first thing we need to do is install the application that controls. The application weighs just under 60 MB so it is best to download at home and is only in English or chinese, but it is very easy to use. Once installed we open it and grant it the correct permissions. Don’t be surprised if everything is upside down, it is normal. The camera is connected at the bottom, so you have to turn to your smartphone to use it. That’s why the application is also adapted to rotate the display.The first time you connect the camera and ask you if you always want to open the application when connect.




Insta360 Air               Install on Google Play




The application Insta360 is part of social network where all your users can upload and share your videos and photos 360. This part is found in ‘Home’ and it is great to get an idea of what can be achieved with the camera.



To start recording or take pictures, simply press the icon with the yellow background of the camera. In the camera mode, you have three options: photo, video, or live broadcast (Facebook, YouTube, Periscope or an own server). For photo and video we have filters of colors, a way beauty with five levels and you can adjust the exposure. In photo we also have a timer and in video we can choose between 1080p or 960p.





AndroidPIT calls 360 app
Social network, camera 360, player VR and export all in one app. / © AndroidPIT






Once recorded a video or taken a picture will appear on the tab ‘Album’. From here you can play or view all of our content also in VR mode (virtual reality), and also to edit it, correct the horizon manually, upload it directly to YouTube, share it on your social network of Insta360 and exportalo to the memory of the device in two formats, spherical or tiny-planet).


On the basis of the images and videos are spherical, we can have a mark of water to improve the appearance of the angle dead that has at this point the cameraIn the application we can choose between three water marks by default or include our own.


The videos exported will be in the DCIM folder of the internal memory of the phone with the rest of your photos and videosThe original files in the format spherical, we will find them within the internal memory of the device under the path Insta360Air/galleryOriginalThe videos have an extension .insv and .insp for the photos.


To edit these formats in computer will need the program Insta360 STUDIO (Windows and Mac) or the plug-in for Adobe Premiere.







The camera Insta360 Air is not incorporated microphone. Anyway when we record videos 360 the sound is recorded through microphones that has the smartphoneTherefore careful to cover the microphone of our device, or touch them with your hand during recording, as these alterations will be recorded.





AndroidPIT insta360 air 7430
Insta360 Air uses the microphone of the smartphone to record the sound. / © AndroidPIT





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Photos spherical with the Insta360 Air



The cameras of the Insta360 Air have lenses fish-eye of 210º. Their images combine to offer a resolution of 3008 x 1504 pixels, that is to say, an image 3K. The resolution of the image is similar to that offered in the majority of cameras 360 of the time, although less of which provides the Gear 360 of Samsung.



The photos can be viewed in virtual reality through its application along with a few glasses VR or we can see them in format spherical sliding your finger across the screen. We can also export in square format or format tiny-planet. Lenses tend to have a certain aberration dwelling on the edges to adapt them to a square format enlarges the error.




AndroidPIT calls 360 photo 01
Tiny-planet. / © AndroidPIT






AndroidPIT calls 360 photo 02
Spherical square. / © AndroidPIT






As we see in the last picture, sometimes it does not bind too well the images of the two lenses (see the detail of the train in two parts on the left).



The level of detail is not very high but the sense of immersion is quite good, especially enjoying the photos of the virtual reality.The opening of the lens is f/2.4 so you will need enough ambient light to get good results.






Videos pherical with the Insta360 Air

The resolution in the video is of 2560 x 1280 pixels at 30 fps. The soda is good but the resolution is a little low. The 2560 pixels of width are not enough to give detail to the equator of a sphere. In the videos, we also have a bit of chromatic aberration of the lens and sometimes the union of the images of the two cameras is not all good. The white balance is pretty good, especially with artificial lights direct indoor. The color is also quite natural to removing the errors of purple tone.



The video also can be exported in a format spherical plane that we can edit to upload to YouTube 360 and format tiny-planet.









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To operate the camera Insta360 Air needs energy to take of the battery of our smartphoneThe smartphone’s screen stays on all the time, we are using the camera and we also have to take into account that the processor works at a higher performance. All of these factors mean that the autonomy of the smartphone to drop quickly when you use the camera Insta360 Air.





AndroidPIT insta360 air 7447
Use the Insta360 Air it’s like playing a good game for the battery. / © AndroidPIT









Insta360 Air


RESOLUTION PHOTO 3008 x 1504 (3K)
SIZE 38 x 38 x 39.5 mm
WEIGHT 26,5 g
CONNECTOR USB type C / micro USB
CAMERA Dual 210º fish-eye

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Final veredict

As we have seen the quality offered in picture is acceptable, but video is worse. When we climbed up the videos to platforms on the internet like YouTube the quality is not at all optimal. The experience of immersion is not of the entire affected but since then, with a little more resolution in the videos would improve a lot.



However, keep in mind that it is one of the cameras 360 cheaper than you can find. His versatility is very large. It is very easy to carry, you do not need to prepare anything or even load it. Simply plug in and record.





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