Charge your cell phone when you don’t have electricity

If you are in the middle of a natural disaster, such as hurricane Irma, who these days hits the Caribbean, in a flood or an earthquake, one of the first things that often happens is that it drops the electrical network.





When there is an emergency, the downloaded cell phone is one of the main concerns of people.






But also, you can’t get if I access to electricity in situations less involved, like when you’re camping in the mountain.


Whatever the case, these three steps will help you to get out of the emergency.






What do you need?

ou need some basic elements to charge your cell phone: the USB adapter for the cigarette lighter of the car, the cable of the phone itself, a 9 volt battery, a metal clip and a spring of a pen or a key.


What you’re going to do is to conduct electricity from the battery to the mobile.


Allows you to move electrically charged particles using a transmission medium, that is to say, an electrical conductor, which in this case will be a metal clip. You will form a small electric field craft -low – intensity- that at least will allow you to make emergency calls or send messages.




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Step 1: open the metal clip and roll it up in one of the poles of the battery

The batteries have two terminals. One of them will have a positive sign and the other a negative one. By wiring these two poles, the electrons flow as fast as they can from the negative pole toward the positive pole. To generate this electric field, we used a metal object because metals are good conductors of electricity.



Metal is a good conductor of electrical energy.





Allow the flow of electrons from one point to another. In this case, the first thing we do is open the metal clip and roll it up in the pole negative of the battery.




baterie and clip
Batteries have two poles that require contact to generate electricity.







Step 2: put the adapter in the car on the battery’s positive pole

The next thing is to locate the adapter of the car on the other pole. We are now ready to generate the electric field.



circuit electric
In this case you will use a clip, but could also be the spring of a pen.







Step 3: Push the clip to the metal part that is on the side of the adapter

The only thing that is missing is that the two metals make contact -the clip with the metal part of the adapter – flow of electrons and thus generate electricity.




When contacted electrons can travel freely from one pole to the other.





The only thing missing to charge the phone is to plug it in to the socket on the USB, in the same way it charges when you plug it to a computer.


All batteries contain electrolytes and other chemicals that react between themselves, making the electrons begin to move frantically, to produce energyThen what is generated is a conversion of chemical energy to electrical energy.


Without this feast of the electrons, we could not preserve the energy in small devices that we can save the life when we are not connected to the electricity.




Celullar charging
When electrons are being passed from one pole to the other, it is the right time to connect the cell through the USB.






This method home to charge the mobile is not the only one. It is enough that you know around on the internet and you’ll discover several similar ideas -others, not so much – that work on the same principle.



Source: BBC

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