Social Networks: Snapchat falls «The internet war ended Facebook win»

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Another Drastic Drop

The actions of Snap Inc. fell 17% this month, and it became clear that the myth of the emerging company and warrior that supersedes the pedestal to the technology giant was just that…a myth.


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Politicians in Europe are concerned that a few companies based on the west coast of the United States have so much power over our lives.



Clear that Snap, the company behind Snapchat, it still impresses. In only five years has achieved an audience of 173 million users, mostly young people, who communicate in ways that are innovative and fun.

But the future of Snap as an independent company seems uncertain, and it is speculated that it will be «swallowed up» by Google or another internet giant.

Snapchat faces a very difficult battle. The extraordinary resources that Facebook already allowed him to acquire Instagram and WhatsApp, and if you can’t buy a competitor, simply copy.

There is a growing sense in the industry that the biggest winners of the past decade, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple, or «Glass» as it is known to the four companies), will dominate the world of internet without any opposition.



Winner undisputed

In the past, some analysts have warned that Facebook, which has just 13 years of existence, could be under threat. And this is a vision that the company itself has fostered always the talk of limiting his powers.


Mark Zuckerberg
Everything indicates that technology giants will dominate the key technology of our time: artificial intelligence.



The argument was that, like Bebo, MySpace and Friends Reunited, also Facebook might end up being obsolete if the users opted for new platforms.

But what is certain is that the war of the social networks ended up. And Facebook is the winner undisputed.

Some stakeholders under the sector, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and yes, also Snapchat, they will have in the future hearings significant but Will battle to earn money.

However, apart from China, the social network whose value is estimated at close to US$500000 to million will continue to be the main form of contact in the future.




And the other members of the tetrarchy of «Glass» also seem secure in their domination.

Google won the battle of the search engines computers desktop a long time ago and it is a force equally formidable on mobile devices.

In terms of Amazon, it is the undisputed champ in online shopping and logistics and is a leader in cloud computing.


Google Logo
There is a growing feeling that Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple will control the internet world without any opposition, according to Cellan-Jones.



And while Apple has a relatively minor market of smart phones, has been left with the largest part of the profit in this sector during the last 7 years.

Trends in technology indicate that these four giants reach levels of wealth even more immeasurable.

Advertising is increasingly directed to the market of cell phones, and Google and Facebook already obtained the greater part of the profits from ads on mobile.


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Artificial intelligence, the key technology

But is the sector in which the giants of technology will strengthen even more its leadership: the artificial intelligence.


«They recently told me that a skilled artificial intelligence worker graduated from one of the top universities in the United States can earn an annual salary of close to $ 500,000 on his first job.»



Recently I was told that a worker specializing in artificial intelligence graduated from one of the universities top of the United States can aspire to an annual salary of close to US$500,000 in your first job.

And there are the startups, the startups, which pay those salaries, but Facebook and Amazon.

Clear that there are many brilliant researchers in artificial intelligence in the Uk, but the majority of them work for american companies.

Two startups in Artificial Intelligence, DeepMind , and Swiftkey were bought by Google and Microsoft respectively.



Lack of competition

Do we need to worry about the increasing dominance of the four giants?

It is not surprising that the companies in question insist that you can arise a new company that put in check.

Until now, the agencies in charge of controlling monopolies in the United States have not been involved too. Tend to worry more if consumers pay excessive prices for lack of competition.

But given that the giants of social networking and search services offer excellent services without cost, the us regulators do not seem to worry about.



Concern in Europe

In Europe, by contrast, the agencies that regulate competition are more skeptical and question whether companies are almost monopolistic benefit to consumers in the long term.

It is for this reason that the European Union (EU) took decisions against Microsoft and Google, when these companies have not had similar problems in the United States.

The regulators of the EU insist that all their actions are based on law and not political reasons.

But there is no doubt that some european politicians look with concern to a few companies based on the west coast of the United States have so much power over our lives.

For now, however, despite the concerns of politicians on false news and contents extremists on Facebook, the company has hardly been touched.



  2.000 millions of users

Last year, we saw that Facebook played a key role in the presidential elections of the United States.

The audience of the social network already reached 2.000 million and has just announced a new video platform to compete with Youtube and Netflix.

«A large part of the underlying philosophy of the leaders in technology is to decentralize the power,» said in a weekend interview with the New York Times, Steve Hilton, former strategist of the british government and now guru of Silicon Valley.

Mark Zuckerberg may well say that Facebook -where the wife of Hilton is an executive – it is fundamentally a way of returning power to the communities.

But increasingly it seems that the wealth, the influence and control of the key technology of our time, the artificial intelligence, is centralized in a few addresses in Menlo Park, Mountain View, Cupertino, and Seattle.


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