Skills for the children of the future

Childrens: Zach Klein narrated in the first person how he loved to “play Sim City and design” web pages small. But with a certain sense of guilt when he entered the high school are forced to spend less time at the computer and to the sport. With the time ended up moving to New York and founding a company, Vimeo –a kind of YouTube more elitist and sophisticated– which sold for a figure-millionaire within a few years. “My passion original by Internet has turned out to be very valuable to the economy a decade later.” He adds: “it Is difficult to predict what skills will be most valuable in the future. And even more difficult to find the connection between the interests of the children and those skills”.

News: The skills that can never be delegated to robots.

News: by the looks of it, there are still many areas that seem to continue to be only for humans, so much to advance the science of the robots will not replace humans, then, will depend on a lot of the human in order not to be replaced by these robots or programs that the science progresses.The ceos of Facebook, have already had to disconnect 2 of your robots and artificial intelligence because these were developing their own language, which makes the robots are not reliable and this battle to replace the human and to save money will not be.